Help in dealing with discrimination issues

Unfair discrimination can not only be illegal and unethical, but also ruin people’s lives, as the negative effects can be both profound and far reaching. While the two well-known and well-documented forms of discrimination, racism and sexism, are very important in themselves, we should not forget that there are many other forms of discrimination that can be equally detrimental and destructive, such as discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, sexuality, religion and so on. These are important issues, but unfortunately they have often been handled in heavy-handed, simplistic ways in the past, and so it is important that we are aware of the complexities involved. The guidance here should point you in the right direction.

Please select from the following:

I am being discriminated against. What can I do?

My colleague/friend is being discriminated against. What can be done?

How do I avoid being accused of discrimination?

As a manager, what can I do to create a workplace free of discrimination?