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The Avenue E-learning Subscription Service

The ideal affordable learning resource!

For over ten years Avenue Media Solutions have been producing e-learning courses based on the work of Dr Neil Thompson and a small group of valued colleagues. We are delighted to be able to offer unlimited access to a total of 60 courses for a low-cost annual subscription.

There are two versions of the service:

  • Corporate Up to 300 staff can be registered (more by arrangement) for just £3,000 + VAT – can work out at as little as £10 per person!
  • Individual Just £118.80 – which is less than £2 per course!

There is a showcase with some brief examples of the courses here.

Courses include:

Dealing with Stress | Risk Assessment and Management | How to Lead a Team Under Immense Pressure | Outcome-focused Practice | Effective Meetings | Quality Supervision for Quality Practice | Managing Conflict | Handling Aggression | Time and Workload Management | Promoting Employee Wellness

Each course includes a module companion workbook to be printed out and used to make notes and complete course exercises. The workbook will then serve as both a reminder of learning for future reference and as a CPD record.

Neil has over 40 years’ experience of providing education and training in the social work and social care field. As a well-published author and sought-after trainer, consultant and conference speaker, he has earned considerable respect for his ability to explain complex ideas clearly and accessibly without oversimplifying them.

A corporate annual subscription of just £3,000 + VAT means that each course is available to up to 300 staff for just £50 per course! Or, to put it another way, it can cost as little as £10 per person for a full year’s access to 60 courses!

A personal annual subscription at just £118.80 works out at less than £2 per course! Visit our shop to sign up.

See below for the full list of courses.

Interested in a corporate subscription? Want to know more?

Contact Neil directly at [email protected]

Video courses

Alcohol and Drugs Problems in the Workplace | Childhood Trauma and Recovery | Communicating with Children | Coping with Depression | Creative Problem Solving | Customer Care: Getting it Right | Customer Care: Beyond the Basics | Dealing with Stress | Managing Stress (follow up to Dealing with Stress) | Developing Teamwork | Effective Interviewing | Effective leadership | Effective Meetings | Emotional Competence: Developing Emotional Intelligence and Resilience | Equality, Diversity and Inclusion | Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (follow up to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) | Equality and Diversity: Using PCS Analysis | Essaycraft | Facing Death…Enriching Life | Foundations of Social Care | Getting Started with Reflective Practice | Developing a Reflective Practice Culture (follow up to Getting Started with Reflective Practice) | Handing Aggression | How to Be Happy | How to Be Liked | How to Lead a Team Under Immense Pressure | Language and Discrimination | Learning to Learn | Making a Difference | Boost Your Impact (follow up to Making a Difference) | Making Appraisal Work | Managing Anxiety | Managing Conflict | Improve Your Conflict Management Skills (follow up to Managing Conflict) | Maximizing Effectiveness | Mental Health Problems in the Workplace | Outcome-focused Practice in Social Work | Positive Mental Health | Promoting Employee Wellness | Quality Supervision for Quality Practice | Risk Assessment and Management in Social Work | Safeguarding Children from Abuse | Safer Sex Education and Relationships | Self-care and Resilience | Sexual Abuse and Childhood Sexuality | Social Care ESSENTIALS | So, You Want to Be a Social Worker | Strategic Thinking | Tackling Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace | The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol | The Equality Act 2010 | Time and Workload Management | Understanding Autism | Working with Grief

Audio courses

Boost Your Confidence | Coping with Grief | Dealing with Feelings | Developing Assertiveness | The Successful Self

Text-based course

Boost Your Learning to the Full

There is a showcase with some brief examples of the courses here and you can hear Neil talk about the service here.

Interested in a corporate subscription? Want to know more? Contact Neili directly at [email protected]

Interested in a personal subscription? To sign up, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.