Why an academy?

Academies are places that focus on learning, and that is precisely what Neil and his colleagues have been doing for many years.

The Academy brings together the work of highly respected author and educator, Dr Neil Thompson. For many years Neil has been helping a wide range of individuals, to learn, grow, develop and fulfil their potential. He has also been involved in helping various organizations to get the best out of their staff, to achieve the best results and to demonstrate the benefits of workplace-well-being and people-centred leadership.

Neil’s approach is based on his Three Ps model:

People    Organizational success depends on people but, wonderful fascinating creatures though we are, we do bring our challenges.

Problems   It would be naive to think that people can live and work together without ever having problems - they are part of everyday life. But, there is much that can be done to address or at least alleviate them.

Potential   Problems bring opportunities, particularly in terms of learning, development and growth. With the right guidance and support, people can be empowered to achieve their full potential.

The Academy is now the home to the learning resources Neil has to offer:

E-learning courses To make the most of modern learning technology to support development.

E-books A growing number of useful texts available for download at surprisingly low prices.

Practice manuals Printed books that focus on developing knowledge, skills and values in a direct practice context.

Learning and development manuals Wirobound manuals packed with useful information and exercises to be used as the basis of training courses and other learning events.

We also have:

The Social Work Finishing School An online programme designed to help make the transition from student to fully fledged worker. Also a valuable refresher for experienced workers who want to be re-energized.

Survive in Social Work An intensive six-months online programme to help practitioners and managers to cope with today's immense workplace pressures.

We also offer and business support for independent caring professionals (CaringBusinessBuilder) and an amazing array of health and well-being resources through our innovative humansolutions portal.

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