Tackling bullying and harassment

It is sadly the case that, despite all the attention paid to the problems in recent years, bullying and harassment are still happening in modern workplaces. No workplace is totally immune to the problems. They can occur in very macho organisational settings, in the caring professions or indeed anywhere where there are people working together. Unfortunately, many people are unsympathetic and do not realise how much harm bullying and harassment cause; they may dismiss them as unimportant concerns: ‘a load of fuss over nothing’. This is a dangerous perspective to adopt as these problems can be of major proportions, ruining people’s lives and careers, causing considerable stress and making the workplace a very inhospitable place. Everyone in the workplace – managers, staff and human resources professionals – needs to be part of a concerted effort to remove bullying and harassment and replace them with a commitment to dignity at work for every one of us. To find out more, choose from the menu below.

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I am being bullied or harassed. What can I do?

My colleague or friend is being bullied. What can be done?

I don’t want to be thought of as a bully. What can I do?

As a manager, I want to create a workplace free of fear. What can I do?