About Neil

Having established himself as one of the most highly respected figures in UK social work, Neil now uses his expertise to help individuals and organisations (in social work and beyond) to achieve optimal results. His expertise encompasses equality and diversity; stress; conflict management; mental health and well-being; loss, grief and trauma; communication; reflective practice and self-directed learning; and leadership and people management.

He has held or full or honorary professorships at four UK universities. He is a well-established and much-appreciated author who excels in blending theory and practice and presenting complex ideas clearly without oversimplifying them. He is also a highly experienced educator who now specialises in developing innovative online learning solutions. He is also a well-respected adviser who offers consultancy, mediation and conflict management as well as coaching and mentoring services.

Neil regularly contributes blog posts to THE humansolutions BULLETIN, which you can subscribe to here

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Writer - Educator - Adviser