Managing stress

The challenges of preventing stress and of dealing with it when it does arise are issues that organisations need to take seriously. This is partly for legal reasons (health and safety requirements), partly for good management reasons (stress prevents people from functioning at their optimal levels as employees), but also for fundamental humanitarian reasons, in so far as stress can cause immense damage to people’s lives: to their health, well-being, relationships, levels of job satisfaction (or even their job itself in some cases) and various other important factors. In some extreme cases, stress can actually lead to loss of life, whether through suicide or through accidents caused by people distracted by the excessive pressures they face (causing fatal road accidents, for example). Stress, then, is a major source of pain and misery that can have very negative consequences for all concerned. The guidance offered here can therefore offer a useful starting point for tackling stress and the various problems it can cause. Please choose from the menu of items below.

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I am feeling worried about stress. What should I do?

I am worried about my colleague or friend. What can be done?

My staff are showing signs of stress. What can I do