We invited children into our care home to tell stories. The results were amazing

When I was a child and got scared of something or couldn’t sleep, my granny and great aunt used to tell me stories. Their words magically carried me away from my fear and worry and allowed me to explore new worlds. They are both gone now, but as they approached the end of their lives, I remember sitting by their beds telling them stories about my life, my work and memories we shared. They smiled, relaxed and seemed to forget about the pain for a while.

Now here I am, 15 years later, working in a care home with other people’s much-loved grannies and great aunts. At Abbey House care home in Swindon, we offer our residents a wide range of activities, taking into account their skills and abilities. Recently, we built links with a local nursery and school, inviting the children in for activities and to spend time with us. It proved hugely beneficial to both generations. For our residents, it triggered powerful memories of raising their own children and grandchildren.

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