Helping employers support their working carers

There are over five million informal carers in the UK and their number has increased 16.5% since 2001. The economic value of their contribution, calculated from the cost per hour of providing homecare to an adult, is £132 billion a year – nearly twice what it was in 2001. Many carers are of working-age (an estimated one in ten working-age people) and being a carer has a profound impact on someone’s ability to work.

Despite the difficulties involved, an estimated 2.6 million people combine paid work and caring. With the right support many can remain in work and work may even provide much needed respite. However, many find this difficult and if time spent caring increases and impacts on work, this presents a challenge for both the employee and the employer. Juggling work and care can lead to stress and caring responsibilities can negatively affect carers’ health.

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