Effective Teamwork


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Effective Teamwork: How to Develop a Successful Team by Neil Thompson

It is generally taken for granted that teams can achieve more together than individuals can alone, and that is for the most part true. There is certainly much to be gained from effective collaboration, and I will give examples of this below. People working together can bring the best out of each other and produce very impressive results while also creating a very positive and rewarding working environment. Effective teamwork is therefore clearly an important goal to pursue, and this is precisely what this e-book is all about: exploring why teams are important, what can be done to promote effective teamwork and identifying some of the (many) pitfalls that need to be avoided if we are going to establish genuinely effective teams.

The world of work tends to be a highly pressurised one these days, with all sorts of potential or actual problems, all sorts of barriers to overcome if we are to fulfil our potential and make the best of the opportunities working life offers us. Teamwork is a key part of getting this right. This e-book has therefore been written to help develop a foundation of understanding that will help you to build and sustain effective teams. Of course, it will not provide you with everything you need, but it should none the less offer a great start in taking things forward in an informed way.

It is understandable that many people will assume that this is an e-book specifically for team managers. Of course, team managers (or people with an equivalent title – team leader, for example) will have much to gain from what is offered here, as will any manager with responsibility for groups of staff. However, given that teamwork is primarily about people collaborating with one another, then all members of teams should be able to recognise that they have a responsibility to play their part too in developing and sustaining an effective team. It should therefore not be forgotten that there is much to be learned here for any team member and not just the person who is specifically paid to lead the team.


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