Tackling Low Self-esteem


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Tackling Low Self-esteem: Building Confidence and Self-respect by Sue Thompson and Roy Wallace

We hear a lot about self-esteem, so what’s all the fuss about? In this e-book we make the point that it is important for a number of reasons, but chiefly because having low self-esteem can contribute in a major way to limiting our enjoyment of life. Because low self-esteem can seriously affect our confidence in our choice and ability to make changes to our outlook and actions, it can stand in the way of making our lives rich and meaningful. We have not used the word ‘choice’ lightly, as we recognise that this may not be an easy journey, but we make the point that it is a choice, and that the key to addressing low self-esteem ultimately lies with us. It is not something we are born with and can do nothing about – we can begin to turn things around if the will is there. If you feel that low self-esteem may be at the root of your choice to settle for the life that you have, rather than the life you would like to have, then read on to explore both the concept itself, and strategies that might help you to take positive steps to address low self-esteem.

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