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These amazing animations show what being LGBT in the workplace is like

A series of animations has been created to illustrate what it is like to be LGBT in the workplace today in the UK. Until legislation was changed in 2003, it was legal in the UK to be fire an employee for being LGBT. Later, The Equality Act 2010 consolidated many protections in law for LGBT employees.

Author of Straight Jacket, Matthew Todd, told totaljobs: “Although it has never been easier to be Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender, a significant number of LGBT employees are still afraid to ‘come out’ at work because they fear this will lead to harassment and damage their career opportunities.

“People who are not LGBT might dismiss the need ‘to be open about your sexuality’ as something private and inappropriate. Think again. Imagine not feeling able to mention your spouse or family in case it lost you a promotion or left you feeling physically unsafe at work.

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