Spotlight – Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Well-being is an important topic which is increasingly being recognised as encompassing, but being more than, just good health. Important though good health is to a general sense of well-being, there are other factors that make a difference – a sense of purpose or worth, for example – and in this e-book some of those other dimensions are explored. But it is also acknowledged how difficult it can be to keep your own well-being up there on your ‘to do list’ when life gets hectic – the very point when the last thing you need is for your well-being to be challenged.

The e-book begins by raising awareness of, or reminding you that, it is important to not lose sight of your own needs when working hard to address those of others. And, while it won’t have all the answers, this e-book contains strategies and food for thought that it is hoped will inspire and empower you to put your well-being right up there with everyone else’s.

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