How to create a healthier organizational culture in a world of ‘viral’ conflict

Conflict is always in the headlines. Whether it’s the leader of KPMG telling hundreds of staff to “stop moaning” about the impact of the pandemic, the chaotic parish council Zoom meeting, which inspired countless memes, or the latest rift at Buckingham Palace with Prince Harry and Meghan stepping down as working royals.

Disputes have always had the potential to harm or even destroy an organization’s reputation, but now it’s more likely than ever. Not only does technology give employees the means to share issues far and wide, but the social climate has changed, and people are more likely to speak out. Leaders need to be aware of the potential reputational risk of mismanaged conflict, and organizations and individuals need to take responsibility for fostering a healthier approach to workplace conflict.

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How to Do Social Work: A basic guide from one of social work’s leading authors

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