Understanding Autism E-Learning Course

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Welcome to this E-Learning Course on Understanding Autism. Autism is a fascinating subject, but it is also quite a complex one. In effect, autism is a condition that affects how people relate to the outside world. It is generally associated with what is known as the ‘triad of impairments’. This refers to three areas of difficulty:

Communication – This can mean no speech at all for some people with autism. For others it involves taking things literally and not understanding things like humour and sarcasm. It can also involve not being able to ‘read’ body language – not noticing important cues from how people are relating to us;

Social interaction – Partly as a result of these communication difficulties, people with autism can find it difficult to interact with people and to make friends. For example, they may seem insensitive because they don’t recognise other people’s feelings and have difficulty expressing their own feelings. In addition, people with autism may not understand the ‘social rules’ most of us learn as we grow up, so their behaviour may at times cause embarrassment or discomfort – for example, by being too honest rather than tactful.

Social imagination – This refers to difficulties in understanding what other people are thinking, feeling or doing, Because of this people with autism are often unable to predict what is likely to happen or to plan for the future. It can also mean that people with autism have no sense of danger and feel very uncomfortable in new or unfamiliar situations.

This course consists of three films, including a drama, a film interview with parents of an autistic child and a documentary-style film with various people who work with autistic children. You will hear the views of what it’s like to parent an autistic child, the hurdles and challenges. You will hear about strategies and methods which can be used to help with communication and trust. The programme will help you in understanding what autism is and what you should do when working with an autistic child for the first time. The three films are supported with a document entitled ‘An Insight into Autism’ which offers a broad range of information to help support the learning which you gain from the education films.

Participants will be helped to:

  • Understand the nature and significance of the autistic spectrum
  • Be more aware of the needs of children and young people with autism
  • Feel more confident in supporting people with autism.



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