Social Work Finishing School (Monthly payment x 4)

£24.16 / month for 4 months

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This is a development programme designed for two groups of people, final-year students and newly qualified social workers on the one hand and experienced practitioners and managers wanting a refresher and to be re-energized on the other. In includes five modules of audiovisual materials, five associated worksheets, with guidance on how best to use them, plus the opportunity to ask Neil up to five questions as part of an online coaching relationship.


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This course is a rejuvenating tool with benefits infinite, engaging from the start and encouraging in its processes. I would recommend it to all those thinking of doing social work, newly qualified as well as experienced. A gem worth its weight truly in gold.

Timily Clarke

This course made me feel like Neil personally tutored me and provided perspective. I honestly felt very empowered by a lot of what Neil shared. I found it very easy to listen to and thoroughly enjoyed it. It helps you think about who you are as a professional social worker and what it means to be effective. Neil has insights into precisely what people are crying out for as front-line workers. All those things that you hear people say are missing from university training are included in this course! It is re-energising and uplifting and certainly not just for the newly qualified as I am an experienced worker. I wish I had had access to this sooner. This course blew me away. If you want to thrive in social work, this is most certainly for you.

Kayleigh Rose Evans

The Social Work Finishing School is just what I needed to give me one last big boost before finishing my studies next year. Neil has created a fresh new programme that will reignite your passion for learning. This course offers so much to enhance my knowledge and take my learning to the next level! It will give me the extra edge for when I qualify next year and go out into the big world of social work!

Emma Grady

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