The Managing Stress Practice Manual


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By Neil Thompson

Stress is increasingly being recognized as a serious problem in the modern workplace. In this practice manual, Neil Thompson uses his decades of experience of helping people tackle stress to provide a clear and helpful guide to the key issues and lays the foundations for a positive and constructive response to the challenges involved. This is an essential guide for anyone wanting to keep pressures within manageable limits.


“This new practice manual provides readers with a wealth of information to help us understand stress and develop strategies to manage it. The text is clear, informative and contains numerous practice-based examples to help the reader think about the issues in an applied way. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the manual will be of use to anyone – and of particular value to those working in human service-type roles where stress is ubiquitous.”

Dr Steve J Hothersall, Head of Social Work Education, Edge Hill University.

“In this manual Neil Thompson defines stress and clarifies its harmful effects, so we are not left in doubt about the urgency to negate them. Neil expertly describes effective strategies to manage this modern-day evil. Reading his step-by-step guidance feels like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and by applying it you can liberate yourself from claws of stress negativity. Thank you, Neil!”

Marina Kogan, Executive and Business Coach, KoganCoaching

“The materials and structure of the manual encourage and support the creation of a framework for reflecting and responding at individual, team and organizational levels to develop and utilize a well-being strategy in professional practice and is an important resource that enables students, educationalists, practitioners and managers to not only think about stress, and its impact, but also to begin to explore active change as part of our response.”

Gerry Rice, Associate Dean, Quality, Learning and Teaching, The University of the West of England

“This manual is an excellent resource aid for employees and managers, with guidance and practical tips to help people reflect and learn how to manage their own stress and help others in doing so, thereby enabling people to have a sense of control in their lives at work, which can be very empowering.”

Dr Rozana Huq, author of The Psychology of Employee Empowerment


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