The Care of Older People Practice Manual



By Sue Thompson

Caring effectively for older people is a major challenge in today’s pressurized times. Making sure that each and every older person is treated with dignity and as a unique individual in their own right is a fundamental requirement for good practice. This manual, written by a highly experienced former nurse, care manager, social worker, tutor and researcher, provides a foundation of knowledge and practical guidance for building best practice. If you work in any aspect of providing care for older people, then this manual will be an invaluable learning resource to guide your practice.


“This is a long overdue manual which offers a first-class guide to working with elderly people. The concept that older people are people with problems and not the problem is central to the author’s whole approach and is a refreshing change from so much of the literature. I especially like the fact students and workers can study at their own pace and in what order they like but supported by the centrality of reflective practice throughout. This latter element is particularly well designed, demanding that participants think through what are often complex and multi-dimensional issues surrounding eldercare. An excellent resource I heartily endorse.”

Dr John Bates, former Head of Social Work & Social Justice, Liverpool Hope University

“This is a wonderful resource for people involved in the care and support of older people. Although underpinned by theory and research, it is essentially about the ‘doing’ of practice and is written in an accessible and engaging way. It encourages readers to try out ideas, to think and to reflect and crucially, to embrace the importance of relating to older people needing care as complex, unique individuals. It is an important resource for carers and for care providers who want to support their care teams to be the best they can be.”

Mo Ray, Professor of Health and Social Care Integration, University of Lincoln

“This manual has long been needed. The care of older people is not only an important topic, but has been a neglected area, both practically and academically. Sue Thompson has produced a compassionate, conceptually sophisticated, and extremely practical approach to eldercare. Her knowledge of the field, conceptual thinking and practical understanding will make this book invaluable for caregivers. It is a must read, a gift to all who will read it. Exceptionally well written, it is filled with stories, practical suggestions, and conceptual backing for the ideas presented. The book offers fresh hope and comfort to those making the journey of life.”

Dr Gerry R. Cox, Center for Grief and Death Education, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

“This is a practical and interactive manual which refocuses attention on the specific needs of older people. Sue’s approach is to share both her own practice wisdom and also the personal perspectives of older people. Concepts such as ‘problematising’ and reciprocity are explored in a way which reminds the reader that older people are not a homogenous group, but multidimensional individuals with unique identities. Sue guides the reader through the potential for ‘diminished lives’ into a recognition of individual resilience and a strengths-based approach.”

Debbie Brown, Principal Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire


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