Making a Difference: How to Have a Positive Impact on People E-Learning Course

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When we come into contact with other people, whether face to face, online or in writing, we encounter ‘the Difference Moment’. What I mean by this is that how we respond to one or more other people can be positive or negative. Our part in the interaction can contribute positively to enriching and empowering the other person(s) and ourselves, but it can also contribute negatively to the other person(s) by disempowering and diminishing them, while diminishing ourselves in the process. This is the ‘Difference Moment’, the critical moment at which our reaction has positive or negative consequences. This course provides a basic introduction to the importance of ‘influencing skills’, the skills we can use to try and make sure that the difference we make is a positive one.

Participants will be helped to:

  • Understand the importance of making a positive difference
  • Be able to use the Getting CLOSER framework
  • Feel more confident in relating to people



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