Why work-life wellness can save the workforce as we know it

With the amount of time that people spend at work, isn’t it worthwhile to assess how this setting impacts broader life and wellbeing? We’ve gathered insights from thousands of employees, and found that:

33 per cent of respondents are not happy in their job (twice as many employees in large businesses are unhappy in their job)

30 per cent don’t believe their work allows them to take time for their wellbeing

45 per cent don’t think their employer demonstrates they care about their wellbeing (higher in larger businesses compared to small and medium sized businesses)

78 per cent believe their wellbeing is just as important as their salary

70 per cent would consider leaving a company that doesn’t focus on employee wellbeing

57 per cent said their wellbeing was less than good (larger businesses had more people saying their wellbeing was poor or worse)

This presents a critical time for HR leaders to bridge their organisations’ work-life wellness gap.

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