Weaving MAGIC into your workplace

The World Health Organization describes the relationship between work, health and productivity as a virtuous cycle, where “improved conditions at work will lead to a healthier workforce, which will lead to improved productivity, and hence the opportunity to create a still healthier, more productive workplace”. From a logical point of view this makes perfect sense. When people thrive, businesses thrive as well. But are you still scratching your head, not sure what part of the puzzle is missing at your workplace? Have you considered what I describe as the MAGIC? When magic is applied, you just might find the missing pieces to your jigsaw.

Often, problems at work have the feel that I liken to when you are a child, putting the pieces of a favourite old jigsaw puzzle together. You realise once you are well into your creation that there are vital pieces missing. Similarly, at work, we are often confident that most pieces are in place. We have worked hard on our culture and we are doing the right thing in so many ways – yet we seem to be missing something.

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A practical guide to supervision of students & other forms of workplace learning

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