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SWU Member benefits: Learn with Neil Thompson

The following message has recently been sent to all Social Worker’s Union (SWU) members:

A personal message from Neil Thompson

I am delighted to be working with SWU to offer membership of my online learning programme at half price. It’s not a course in the conventional sense. Rather, it’s an online learning community, a place where people support each other in their learning. It’s based on principles of self-directed learning (the most effective type of learning) where you decide – with guidance and support – what you need to learn and how to learn. The Programme has a wide range of helpful facilities to promote reflective practice, including an e-portfolio for professional registration purposes. It is a sort of online tutorial group to help you achieve the best levels of practice you can.

So, I do hope you will sign up to join us. Information about the Programme is at and Joanne Deakin ([email protected]) will be able to tell you what you need to do to get a full year’s membership at half price as one of your SWU membership benefits. I will look forward to welcoming you aboard.

LinkedIn: Connect online & join Neil Thompson’s HUMANSOLUTIONS discussion group

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