Social work in 40 objects – Request from Professor Mark Doel

I’m looking to create a book that tells social work’s story – in 40 objects. Is it possible to represent social work through a collection of objects and what would these be? For this project I’m looking to choose forty objects that, taken together as a collection, give us a vision of social work – facets of its past, present and possible future … My aim is to tell social work’s story in 40 of these objects (though I will make sure that all the objects and their proposers are included in the book). In addition, a photo of each proposer with a brief pen picture will remind us that, as interesting and illuminating as the objects are, social work is actually about people. I hope the personal stories that connect each individual to their object will add a different dimension. Please spread the word and ask others to get involved, either naming an object or commenting on them, or both. And how about a nomination from a whole student class?

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