Removing the workplace stigma attached to Mens’ mental health

One of the more pleasing workplace related trends of recent years is the growing acceptance of discussions around mental health. Indeed, the Thriving at Work study highlights the scale of the challenge, with 15% of people typically having mental health issues at any given time. Indeed, recent data from Accenture revealed that 90% of U.K. workers having been touched by mental health in some way at work, with two-thirds (66%) reporting having personally experienced mental health challenges and even more — 85% — saying someone close to them such as a family member, close friend or colleague had experienced them.

Despite this however, there remain challenges in raising mental health challenges at work, as the Thriving at Work report aptly states.

“We found that in many workplaces, mental health is still a taboo subject and that opportunities are missed to prevent poor mental health and ensure employees who may be struggling get the support they need. In many instances employers simply don’t understand the crucial role they can play, or know where to go for advice and support,” the authors say.

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