Public Concern at Work – The whistleblowing charity

Public Concern at Work is the whistleblowing charity. Established in 1993, we have led the new approach to whistleblowing that – both at home and abroad – recognises the key role it can play in anticipating and avoiding serious risks that arise in and from the workplace.

Public Concern at Work aims to help make whistleblowing work so that dangers, wrongdoing and serious risks that threaten the public good are deterred or at least detected before serious damage is caused. We pursue this aim through our free confidential advice line, the support and services we provide to organisations, our policy work and our public education activities. Through these activities we promote the role of whistleblowing in furthering organisational accountability, individual responsibility and public confidence. All our activities help to promote the public interest and are for the public good in that they benefit citizens, consumers, patients, regulators, shareholders, tax payers and the vulnerable, both individually and collectively.

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