Neil Thompson’s Lessons for Living – Direct concerns to where the power is

A phenomenon I have come across many times in many organizations is for matters of dissatisfaction to act as a basis for moaning sessions (which do little good) and for the concerns or dissatisfactions not to be channelled in the direction of a person or group who can potentially do something about the problem. There is often a fear that if issues are raised the person(s) raising them will be seen as troublemakers, but it all depends on how the issues are raised. If they are raised in a confrontational approach, don’t be surprised if the response is a defensive one (and some people, of course, will act on the basis that attack is the best form of defence). Raising concerns sensibly and sensitively with the people who have the power to do something about it will do far more good than feeding low morale by just feeding low morale through moaning.

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A Career in Social Work: Part biography, part overview of social work careers

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