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Lessons from Europe: how projects supporting care leavers are transforming lives

In France and Spain support programmes are helping vulnerable young people access employment and secure housing, or continue with education. More than 4.5 million young people in the European Union – approximately 20% – are unemployed, and long-term youth unemployment is at a record high. Patterns of employment are often characterised by temporary, part-time or short-term work, and this is certainly the case for young care leavers – if they are employed at all.

At the age of 18, care leavers are more likely than other young people to not be in employment, education or training, to be socially excluded or homeless and make up a disproportionate percentage of the prison population. It is therefore crucial that public social services meet the needs of young care leavers so they have the necessary skills to access employment or continue with education and secure housing.

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