How to return to work with grief

“How Are You?”

These are three simple words that used to be easy to ask one another, almost as if we assumed the answer carried no weight at all. But, with each passing month of Covid-19, these words have become all the more challenging to both ask and answer.

With more than 720,000 people having died since the start of the pandemic, grief has touched so many lives. In fact, according to an estimate published recently in the journal Pediatrics, at least 140,000 American children had lost a parent or caregiver because of the coronavirus by the end of June. Or, put more poignantly, one of roughly every 500 children, had a lost primary support in their life. Additionally, according to recent estimates by the World Health Organization(WHO), more than 115,000 healthcare workers died from Covid-19. The grief from the pandemic is vast and still emerging, and is not only measured in lives lost, but in loss of plans, milestones, education, and more.

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