Government tells sector ‘not to prioritise’ Liberty Protection Safeguards preparations

The government has told councils and other sector bodies “not to prioritise” implementing the replacement for the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards with the previously slated October 2020 go-live date now an impossibility. The government is yet to say when the Liberty Protection Safeguards’ implementation may be delayed until but said it would provide “further updates as soon as possible”.

The government said last year that its “intention” was for the LPS to come into force in October of this year. But to make that happen, it would have to consult on a code of practice and regulations detailing how the system would work in detail. Such a consultation would take at least 12 weeks, after which the government would have to report on responses and produce a final code and regulations, which would then have to be laid before Parliament, meaning an October go-live date is now impossible.

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