Examining The Class Divide: Inequality Today 2015

Last Saturday saw a very large and enthusiastic gathering of Equality Trust supporters and activists at Inequality Today, our annual conference. They came to see a preview of the beautifully filmed and thought-provoking documentary, The Divide, (produced by Dartmouth Films) which is inspired by The Spirit Level book – and to listen to Professor Mike Savage of the London School of Economics talk about the findings in his new book Social Class in the 21st Century.

The afternoon started with The Divide which looks at the lives of people affected by inequality, in both the UK and US, across the income spectrum. It documents the corrosive aspects of living in very unequal societies where the rich are pulling away from the rest of us. It very powerfully exposes how inequality undermines the quality of our lives and our relationships with others, in obvious and less obvious ways.

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