Eight ways to give yourself a pep talk when you feel stuck

My friend Greta gives the most amazing pep talks. She starts by asking you, ‘What’s the title of your pep talk?’ And after you tell her the title – anything from ‘You feel like you’re stagnating, but you are growing in a million ways!’ to ‘You can and will start to go on dates again this year’ – she launches in. You can count on Greta’s pep talks to impart a powerful mix of confidence, energy and recognition of your deepest potential.

However, there are times when a pep-talking friend isn’t readily available. In such moments, knowing how to give yourself an effective pep talk could come in handy. Giving yourself a pep talk can be a bit challenging, as most of us find it easier to offer new perspectives and provide kind encouragement to our friends and family, rather than to ourselves. It’s harder to be the pep-talker when you’re in need of pep in the first place. But it is doable.

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