Artificial intelligence and racial bias: Can robots be racist?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is best known for driverless cars and as the inspiration for endless Hollywood movies. We invariably see a future where robots turn from servants to oppressors of humans because their burgeoning intelligence has made them realise the planet needs saving from people.

In the real world we are fairly sure that the ability of robots to self-learn (AI) is limited to within the parameters that are set for it. For example, robots that are programmed to make music are highly unlikely to turn on us because mankind has produced Justin Bieber.

AI also has more prosaic uses, such deciphering handwriting and gaming. Essentially AI covers anything where computers have the possibility of learning from the point where programming stops. Potentially AI could cover almost every aspect of our lives, from devising new drugs to lengthening our lives, or selling us products in ways most likely to find favour with individual customers …

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