As an Adviser

Dr Neil Thompson guides us through complex issues with theoretical depth and sharp analysis, yet remaining focused on practice-based learning. The strength of his approach lies in his attention to head, heart and hands: engaging our intellect, values and critical reflection, as well as practice concerns. As such, Neil incorporates intellectual and theoretical rigour while never losing sight of the humanity of both professionals and our clients. Neil’s material will enhance the development and education of professionals across multidisciplinary and international boundaries. Dr Jan Pascal, La Trobe University, Victoria , Australia

Neil Thompson is a leader who helps build other leaders and who has a very genuine concern for the pastoral and professional development of others. I have never met anyone, in my entire career, who can match the level of originality, productivity, creativity and impact of Neil’s work. I have the highest regard for his intellectual and scholarly competence and I find his work brimming with energy, inspiring and with a rare ability to connect people to their roots. Dr Jason Powell, University of Central Lancashire

Neil Thompson has provided Aran Hall School with training and management consultancy support for over fifteen years. He has helped the School develop its equality and diversity policies, as well as its child protection procedures. His books are valuable resources for staff undergoing training and working towards qualifications in residential care. On a personal level, he has provided me with much appreciated professional mentoring that has helped me see through the fog of complexity that sometimes overwhelms those of us working with children and young people. He has an enviable gift for being able to articulate solutions to seemingly intractable problems in a clear and straightforward manner.

Duncan Pritchard, Principal, Aran Hall Residential Special School


As an Educator

Dr Neil Thompson is a rare figure in today’s world. He substantively maintains a healthy balance of head and heart, pulling us together as we listen and learn together. In his numerous areas of speciality he always gives us the different slant and the wisdom to pursue it. (Rev.) Richard B. Gilbert, PhD, CT, John D. Morgan chair of Pastoral Psychology at The Graduate Theological Foundation and adjunct professor of counseling, psychology and independent studies, Mercy College (New York). Founding Director, The World Pastoral Care Center

Neil Thompson is one of the most-read and most-quoted of authors in his field and for good reason. He writes with passion, yet backs his arguments with evidence and sound scholarship. In both his written work and his training he succeeds in combining theory and practice in ways that make them comprehensible and accessible, but not simplistic. He has a rare talent for inspiring people to re-connect with their values and to remember why they came into the people professions. Dr Mark Doel, Emeritus Professor, Sheffield Hallam University

Neil Thompson‘s contribution to the development of the knowledge base has been no less than startling, not simply by virtue of the quantity of texts, but more importantly by virtue of their impact.

In 2010 Neil was awarded a Doctor of Letters (DLitt) by Keele University in recognition of this immense bequest. To this accolade I would add my personal recognition of Neil’s stature in the field.

Charlotte Williams OBE, Professor of Social Work and Social Justice, Keele University


As a Writer

Neil Thompson was the only person I encountered, in my decade as an editor, whose written work never required a single change. His publications are clear, precise and always accessible for a wide readership in the ‘people professions’. Even more importantly, he remains true to the values of equality and diversity, drawing out vital lessons for practice from underpinning concepts and ideas. In a busy and under-resourced professional world, these skills are more important than ever. Dr Audrey Mullender, Principal, Ruskin College, Oxford and Professor Emerita, University of Warwick

Neil Thompson is an excellent scholar, who writes in an engaging and non-technical style, but still manages to convey complex ideas and theories in a manner that is accessible for both the professional and non-professional, and which offers depth and breadth of insight that are unparalleled. Neil is a compassionate, kind, and caring colleague who has unique and insightful thoughts. Dr Gerry Cox, Emeritus Professor, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, United States

Neil has always impressed me with his ability to grasp an issue and then pursue his findings with a humble yet disciplined line of thought. I am thinking particularly of his superb presentation on Race Equality to an audience, some of whom, at the time, were not necessarily willing converts. His honesty and integrity, coupled with academic research, won the day. Susheela Lourie MBE, DL, ATD, BA(Ed), founder member, North Wales Race Equality Network

Neil Thompson stands out amongst the writers I’ve worked with for his clear-mindedness and personal integrity. His writing is fluent, sensitive to complexity, simply expressed, and always beautifully structured. He has an outstanding talent for organising ideas in a way that leaves no room for confusion. Catherine Gray, Publisher, Palgrave Macmillan

Neil Thompson is a prolific writer and a significant educator with a uniquely deserved reputation. He draws attention to many important aspects of working with people, including what we need to know from research, engaging with those with whom we work and how to put values and principles into practice.

Professor Robert Adams, Teesside University