Valuing diversity: Learning about our history

Who gets included in the story? Runnymede’s History Lessons project asks this question and looks at the importance of presenting diverse stories when teaching history.

You can download both a Runnymede Perspectives Paper, which lays out the research, argument and policy recommendations related to teaching history, as well as a comprehensive resource for teachers who are keen to include diversity in their history lessons

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How to achieve workplace well-being

There are many benefits to a positive workplace – including workers who are happier, more motivated and more productive. From an organizational perspective, too, there is a ripple effect – increasing overall performance, sustainability and resilience within the institution. This informative poster from Change Activation and Noble Concepts Inc. presents ‘5 M’s’ that can be used to create a culture of workplace wellbeing – Mindfulness, Mentoring, Movement, Motivation and Meaning.

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