Neil has been involved in the publishing world for many years, as an author, adviser, editor and publisher.



Neil has over 150 publications to his name, including bestselling textbooks, papers in learned journals and training and open learning materials. His publications can be divided into three main areas:


Over the years Neil has been an adviser to various publishers: Palgrave Macmillan, Open University Press, Baywood, Routledge, Jossey Bass, Policy Press and Russell House Publishing.



Neil was the founding editor of the British Journal of Occupational Learning and, between 2008 and 2011, was the editor of the US-based international journal,Illness, Crisis & Loss. He currently edits the free weekly e-zine,THE humansolutions BULLETIN. Between 2000 and 2004, he was the book review editor for the British Journal of Social Work. He was also previously the associate editor of the International Perspectives in Social Work yearbook. He was formerly a member of the editorial board of Care: the Journal of Practice and Development. He has also edited or co-edited three books – see the section onNeil’s books.

Neil is also the editor of four online resources: humansolutions (for people wanting information about ‘people problems’, whether in the workplace, the community or the family); Social Work Focus (for people involved in social work and social care) Grief Challenges  (for people wanting to learn about loss and grief) and livingWrexham (for people associated with Neil’s home town in north Wales).



When Avenue Consulting Ltd was set up in 2000, a small-scale publishing wing, Learning Curve Publishing, was established at the same time. This has now developed into Avenue Media Solutions which offers a range of learning resources.

Neil has played a central role in developing Avenue Media Solutions and his work features strongly on the site.