Caring Business Builder

Neil’s daughter, Anna, is a partner in OnlineBusinessBuilder, a service offering a high-quality website, local SEO, social media support and analytics for as little as £5 per day. Neil has been working with OnlineBusinessBuilder to develop a version of the service specifically geared towards supporting caring professionals who are now self-employed and therefore having to market their services.

CaringBusinessBuilder is run by people who understand the challenges, tensions and dilemmas of operating in a business context with a background in the caring professions. The basic idea is that, by paying just £5 a day, your digital marketing needs can be met, freeing you up to do not only what you do best and enjoy most (being a caring professional) – and being able to earn far more than £5 a day in doing so – but also having time for family and leisure interests (a key part of self-care and work-life balance, of course).

If you feel this service could be of value to you, visit to find out more or contact Neil directly. Make that important first success step now!