Caring Business Builder

Neil has now teamed up with marketing guru Felix Clarke to offer a range of website, digital marketing and business support services specifically geared towards the needs of self-employed caring professionals.
For an affordable fixed monthly fee you will get a beautiful fast-loading website and a package of support to help make your business a success. Our emphasis is on support. We are well aware of how difficult it is to make the transition from being a paid employee in the caring professions to running your own business. We are not simply a web development company - we are a business success support service specialising in working with the caring professions. We focus on the unique challenges of combining a caring professions background with surviving and thriving in a competitive business world.
Visit our website to find out more and to access our free e-course on running a caring professions business. You'll be glad you did.

CaringBusinessBuilder is run by people who understand the challenges, tensions and dilemmas of operating in a business context with a background in the caring professions. The basic idea is that you can be freed up to do not only what you do best and enjoy most (being a caring professional) – and being able to earn far more than we charge in doing so – but also to have time for family and leisure interests (a key part of self-care and work-life balance, of course).

If you feel this service could be of value to you, visit to find out more or contact Neil directly. Make that important first success step now!