Where there are people, there will be problems, but there will also be potential. A major feature of Neil’s career has been a focus on helping people to tackle the problems and realise the potential.

With his 40+ years of experience of working with people and their problems, Neil is ideally placed to offer expert advice and guidance in a number of ways, not least the following


Having difficulties in your workplace? Stress? Bullying and harassment? Discrimination? Neil can help you to address these problems and any underlying issues that are giving rise to them.

Conflict management

Mediation, team development and other ways of managing conflict are all part of Neil’s repertoire.

Survey services

Our online workplace well-being and health and safety management surveys can be an invaluable aid to effective leadership and people management. We can also offer bespoke surveys to suit your specific needs.

Learning and development support

Need help with how you meet your workforce’s learning needs? Looking for innovative solutions? Struggling with leadership development? Neil can be an invaluable resource for you.

Expert witness services

Involved in litigation? Neil has more than two decades of experience of providing expert testimony

Independent inquiries and investigations

Something gone seriously wrong? Neil can offer an objective, independent review in order to work out how to put things right and how to learn the lessons from the experience.

Policy and strategy development and review

Need independent support in developing a new approach or evaluating an existing one? Neil can help.